Physical Education

JMD PE Program

Welcome to the JMD PE Program! Here at JMD, we believe that a strong and healthy body goes hand in hand with a quality, stimulating and life long learning experience!  We believe that a quality daily active physical education program (4-5 classes/week) along with a dedicated Physical Education Specialist leads our school in this direction!  Within our program, skill work, variety in activity experiences as well as FUN are 3 key pillars!  

Running alongside our highly engaging PE program is our lunch hour Intramural program featuring such activities as Running Club, Demko Hockey League, Dance Club and Climbing Club.  To further add to our inclusive program is our fully loaded extracurricular program of athletics that runs throughout the year including such favourites as volleyball, basketball, dance team, badminton and track and field.

At JMD our BIGGEST focus is to inspire our students to continue to grow as lifelong ACTIVE  and HEALTHY learners!