Code of Conduct

Expectations for Student Behaviour

Students at Joseph M. Demko are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which reflects an attitude of respect for themselves, the rights of others and the school environment. As well, students are expected to adhere to the district Code of Student Conduct which is distributed annually each fall to parents.

Our school staff believes in helping children develop responsible behaviour by promoting and acknowledging positive attitudes and by expecting responsible decision making, cooperation and mutual respect.

Joseph M. Demko operates on the principle that every child has the right to learn in a safe and caring environment. Each child, therefore, also has the responsibility to ensure that their behaviour contributes to a productive and positive atmosphere. Since misconduct can involve numerous forms and degrees of seriousness, each case will be dealt with according to individual circumstances.

Parents will be consulted and involved in more serious or repeated incidents. The student, home and the school must share in the responsibility of developing appropriate conduct and positive attitudes. By working together, we hope to ensure responsible student behaviour in an excellent learning environment.

Appropriate Dress

Students are responsible for determining their own standard of dress and grooming, within the limits of cleanliness and good taste. Appropriate dress helps students to perceive themselves as successful. All students are expected to wear clean, neat clothing that demonstrates personal pride. Staff will determine the appropriateness of dress and take measures to ensure acceptable standards are being met.

  • Logos or sayings must be respectful and consistent with a positive learning environment.
  • A good rule of thumb is that tops should touch bottoms and no undergarments should be showing.
  • Hats are to be removed and kept in lockers.
  • Starting in Grade 3, all students are required to change out for physical education classes. Students need: shorts/sweats, t-shirt and non-marking runners.

View division Code of Student Conduct and Student Acceptable Use of Technology form

Electronics at School

Students are not to have any electronic devices (including cell phones) 'ON' at school during the instructional day, unless instructed to do so  and directly supervised by a staff member. This also includes both recess and lunch. Not only do we want to avoid inappropriate use of these items, but there is also the added consequence of them being lost or misplaced. If students choose to bring electronics to school, the items MUST remain in their backpack or locker during the instructional day, 8:44 am - 3:20 PM.


Students are provided with a locker, and are responsible for the security and tidiness of their locker which should be used to hold their personal items and books. Classroom teachers will communicate expectations with students about when they can access their lockers. Lockers are not to be tampered with.

Please note: Lockers are the property of Joseph M. Demko School and they may be searched at any time by an administrator without notice.

Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)

Our school division is a partner in the St. Albert and Sturgeon Regional Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol. The regional partnership includes school divisions, emergency services and community agencies, all working together for the safety of all children, youth and families. 

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