Our Counsellor


Brandi Hoy

My name is Brandi Hoy and I am the counsellor at Jospeh M. Demko School. I have my Masters in Educational Psychology. I am passionate about helping students thrive in their learning environment. Spending time in classes and supporting teachers and students is one of the best parts of my job. Sometimes a child needs a safe place to go and talk through their challenges. I strive to make sure my door is always open.

The counsellor role at JMD includes:

  • Working with teachers to support programming for students
  • Supporting teachers to create effective Individual Program Plans (IPP) and Individual Learner Plans (ILP) for their students
  • Sitting with teachers to talk about students and brainstorm ideas to help move children toward meeting their social, emotional and academic goals
  • Coordinating the Roots of Empathy program in grade 2 classrooms (developing empathy and resilience at a young age)
  • Working with, listening to and supporting education assistants to effectively work with students
  • Working with families to support their children and connecting them fo the resources and community supports that can help them with their child's mental, social and physical health
  • Meeting with administrators to work together to support and develop programming for our most vulnerable students
  • Spending time supporting and meeting with students from kindergarten to grade 9 who are struggling with anxiety, peer issues, abuse, suicidal ideation, divorce, family dynamics, social media issues, and more
  • Organizing the documentation for students that have coding or who are receiving support from our Inclusive Learning Team
  • Communicating with teachers and parents around supports that are being offered in the classroom, school environment and community
  • Facilitating the connection between our students' service team at the district office and the teachers, to make sure that everyone is informed and on the same page and receiving the support they need
  • Offering testing with the school and outsourcing what we cannot offer at the school