Fine Arts

At Joseph M Demko School we are thrilled to provide our students with a music program that encompasses a broad range of musical experiences. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for a variety of genres as they listen, create, perform and respond to music through singing, movement and playing instruments.

Students in Kindergarten are gradually introduced to music through songs, singing games, rhythm activities, listening to music and participating in movement activities. Students will learn how to play a number of non-pitched percussion instruments, add sound effects to stories and explore both classical and contemporary music. 

Our Grade 1-3 students continue their musical education with the addition of playing our Orff instruments, adding a variety of rhythmic patterns to their repertoire, composing ostinato accompaniment and singing in tune. Students begin learning the names of notes on the musical staff with a focus on identifying pitches using solfege. 

Our Grade 4-6 students learn more advanced rhythms, sing and play instruments in harmony, and continue to work on notation and composition of melodies and rhythms. Our ukulele and recorder programs begin in Grade 4 and continue through Grades 5 and 6 as we add additional instruments such as the hand chimes. Students in Grade 6 will be part of a beginner band and learn how to play a woodwind or brass instrument of their choice. Over the years students also explore a variety of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments from a variety of genres and cultures.

Our junior high program allows students to choose from a variety of options, including concert band and guitar. Concert band is a performance-based option where students select and develop musicianship of a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument. Performances are held throughout the year. Our guitar option allows students to develop playing and performance skills on our collection of acoustic guitars. 

We also offer a variety of extra curricular options throughout the year for students of all ages including choirs, ukulele circle and Orff Club. Junior high students from our Logos program are also invited to participate in the praise band that leads worship at school praise services. 

Do you ever wish you had more confidence? Drama is both an art form and a way to teach and learn while developing the whole person. Drama gives you the confidence to be who you are and express yourself effectively while having A LOT of fun. It helps you to learn to work with all kinds of other people cooperatively in a supportive, joyful and accepting community where every voice is heard and every person belongs. Active, open-minded, and positive participation are all that is needed to benefit from the Drama program. At JMD, we are all STARS! 

In Kinderdrama, students learn through and are empowered by imagined experiences. They learn to feel free to express themselves through songs, games, and creative dramatic play. 

Whether they are just beginning their artistic journey, or continuing to build upon prior skills, students in the Joseph M. Demko K-9 Art program will discover who they are as artists, the value of art, and the presence of art within society. They will be encouraged to take risks in their art making process while having access to a multitude of mediums, techniques, and approaches in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed-media. Opportunities within the program draw inspiration from other artists, culture, nature, collaborative experiences and school-wide initiatives to help students explore the vast world of art. 

Elementary art students will learn how to create engaging, thoughtful, and expressive visual art while developing individual artistic styles and interests. From Kindergarten to Grade 3, students will use an artist, story, or cultural event as their inspiration. They will explore different media and themes that promote artistic expression. In Grades 4-6, students are taught specific techniques for each medium with a focus on art theory. They are encouraged and taught how to take thoughtful risks while still exploring their creativity. 

Students at the junior high level will create thoughtful and expressive compositions based on their personal experiences and interests, while learning several skill enhancing techniques in drawing, painting and sculpting. The purpose of this course is to allow and encourage one’s inner artist to shine. Students will have access to one-on-one support, while also engaging with other students in regards to their creative processes. This course focuses on enhancing one’s unique artistic style, while teaching the foundational techniques of art making. A supportive environment is always encouraged and emphasized. A creative mindset and a willingness to take artistic risks are all that is required for this course. 

We are excited to offer a unique Digital Arts course at Joseph M. Demko. This course incorporates technology and the elements of design, combined with a hands on approach to creating art. Students will become experts in various iPad art apps, Adobe Photoshop, Google Drawing, and yearbook creation. They will have the opportunity to create digital art compositions and manipulate images, while drawing inspiration from different artists and styles. They will be encouraged to collectively share their own knowledge and areas of expertise, allowing for leadership opportunities and confidence building. This course welcomes any skill level, as all students will finish with a solid understanding of art and design technology.