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Junior High

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Junior High Recognition Program

At Joseph M. Demko, we believe it is important to highlight the talents and skills of our students. We do this through a variety of activities and awards that recognize student success in academics, athletics, options and citizenship. 

Achievement Lunch 

Each semester, students are celebrated for their academic achievement and overall effort with our Achievement lunch. This lunch recognizes students who have strived for excellence in their core subjects and option classes. Students are recognized in the based on the following criteria:

  •  Attained an 80% average in their four subjects, with no ‘3’ effort codes in any subjects
  •  Attained all ‘1’s’ in effort 
A pizza lunch and/or certificates are given to the students after each semester. 

End of Year Awards

At the end of the year at our Awards celebration, we recognize students outstanding achievement in the following: 

  • Options: excellence in options based on the following criteria: 
    • Positive leader
    • Solid achievement
    • Talent
    • Effort
    • Demonstrates JMD Core Values and Pillars 

These are given in grade 8/9 in each pillar (Joy, Mindfulness and Diversity)  

Criteria for Citizenship - Grade 8/9 Award:

  • Exhibits qualities that are in our pillars (Joy, Mindfulness and Diversity) and Core Values  
  • Service oriented
  • Positive member of clubs or sports teams
  • Contributes to making JMD a better and happier place
  • Efforts are all consistent
  • Takes academics seriously

Athletic Awards

These plaques and/or certificates are given to junior high students who have shown growth in athletics or in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the athletic program.

Junior High Options

The junior high school program consists of two parts: a core program which is common to all students at each grade level (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education/Health) and a complementary course program (options). The student selects which complementary programs appeal to their individual passions. This gives the students the opportunity to experience, participate in and strengthen learning in areas of special interest to them.

Students have a choice among several different and unique options. Complementary courses are offered in a variety of categories – career and technology, fine and performing arts and information technology applications. This information is intended as an overview of the course offerings. Please note: 
  • All courses are offered as sufficient numbers warrant. 
  • Some complementary courses have fees or special equipment/materials requirements.
  • Options will be semestered (September to January, February to June), so students will have the opportunity to choose up to four options, two per term.
  • Options may combine grade levels and programs together.
  • Options may only be taken once per year.


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