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Girl Guide Volunteers

Girl Guide Volunteers
Posted on 10/15/2019

Volunteer with Girl Guides and unleash her potential.
Imagine a place where you can spark extraordinary moments for girls in your community. As a Girl Guide volunteer, you’ll inspire girls and be their mentor as they explore new challenges, develop ready-for-anything skills and empower each other along the way. Picture all of the fun, adventure and confidence building-moments – that’s what you’ll help create for girls, and for yourself, too.   

As a Girl Guide volunteer, you’ll change their world – and your own.

The impact you’ll make as a volunteer – for yourself and for girls
There are so many rewards to volunteering with Guiding:

  • Have a profound impact on girls in your community as you help them unleash their potential
  • Develop highly transferrable and LinkedIn-worthy skills
  • Connect with other amazing women as you volunteer together
  • Access to member-only training, special events, scholarships and international travel

For more info: or 780.424.5510

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